Daniel Leix Palumbo is a musician, composer and sound designer. He plays piano, keyboards and synthesisers. Moreover, he is research master student in New Media and Digital culture at the University of Amsterdam. 

As part of his musical education, in 2015 he took part in the workshop Soundscapes created by the photographer Jacopo Benassi and headed by Jochen Arbeit (Einsturzende Neubauten), Paul Beauchamp and Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo.


After playing in different projects during his adolescence, he founded Fernweh in 2016 and started his solo project by opening to the Italian electro-acoustic musician and composer Andrea Belfi at the Btomic Club in La Spezia.


He has composed the music for the live audiovisual performance Panoramic View with Tommaso Campagna, for Sara Khosrawi’s installation piece Vista Orbis (presented and performed at De Nieuwe Regentes in Den Haag, during the cinema festival Fly Me to the Moon), and for the audiovisual analysis within the academic project On Digital Irony, Sincerity and the Rhythm which Binds the Two, done in collaboration with Abdel-Rahman Hassan, Beatrice Gobbo and Iskra Ramirez during the DMI Winterschool 2019 in Amsterdam.


Lorenzo Cosci is a composer, musician and sound designer.

He plays the drums, percussions and synthesizers.

He started to play the drums at the age of 14, studying with various private teachers and session players.

He played with different bands and recorded the drums for various artists and projects, such as: JC3, Triple Shots, Eil Marchini, Vic, Emiliano Bagnato, Lithius, Leo Caleo, Altrove ecc...

In 2015, along with Emiliano Bagnato and Daniel Leix Palumbo, he started the project Fernweh, in wich they perform live music and create original scores for audio/visual installations and videoclips.

During the span of the project, he approached the concept of hybrid drumset, in wich coexist an electronic and an acoustic kit. Along with Fernweh, also, he started to study sound design and to apply it to the studio work.

In 2017 he cowerked  and composed some of the musics for the academic short film: "Murphy".

In 2018 he composed the original score for the indipendent videogame : "Western Ronin".


Emiliano Bagnato is a composer, musician and sound designer; he plays guitar, fretless guitar, synthesizers; he writes music for videos and performances; he researches possibilities of interaction and realtime processing in the contemporary art and multimedia environment. During the adolescence he founded the alternative band Libertad which achieved national recognitions.

In 2014 he played guitar in the song “Halloween Party” by Luca Benedetto, OST of “Il Ragazzo Invisibile” by oscar rewarded director Gabriele Salvatores.

In 2016 he published “Cerchi nell’Acqua”, an album produced and recorded with David Campanini. During the years he approached electronic music and synthesis thanks to two projects in which he is still involved: Emistènico (with Nicola Tognoni, actor; Stefano Lanzardo, photographer), based on the interaction between performing arts and improvisation; Fernweh (with Daniel Leix Palumbo; Lorenzo Cosci), which collaborates with visual design studio Karmachina.

He recently presented two sound installations commissioned by the curator Andrea Zanetti: “Melodia Armonia Ritmo Timbro” and “Scenario Sonoro per Improvvisazione Collettiva”.

Education: Lizard Accademie Musicali graduation in guitar; workshops Soundscapes (with Jochen Arbeit, Einstürzende Neubauten) and Cog In The Machine (with Morgan).
He teaches guitar and sound design at Lizard, Rock Tribe, Accademia Bianchi.