Fernweh is a german word which express the desire to leave home, place of protection and certainties, in order to travel, regardless of destination. All of this can be transposed in music through improvisation: escaping from a shared and established point in order to create an extemporaneous travel. Any input proposed by one of the musicians represents a new path and a new direction to follow.


Fernweh's music is a point of convergence between electronic and acoustic, study and improvisation, that aims at integrating different ideas of music and artistic backgrounds.


Fernweh is an electronic musical trio formed in 2015 in La Spezia, Italy. The project started as a band which wanted to shape an experimental sonic hybrid between post-rock, electronic, noise and kraut music.


Thanks to the collaboration with the videomaker Paolo Ranieri (Studio Azzurro, N!03, Karmachina) in composing and performing the soundtrack of the audiovisual performance Homage to Maya, Fernweh began afterwards to focus also on the creation of music for multimedia contents. Starting from that moment, beside an intense band activity, over the years Fernweh have been writing music for installations, audio-visual performances and video art in Italy and in Europe, especially collaborating with Karmachina, a Milan-based studio of visual design.

On 20 July 2018 Fernweh released their self-titled debut album, which was later promoted with a tour in Europe (Italy, Slovenia, Austria and Germany). During theses years Fernweh, and members of Fernweh with their solo projects, by touring and playing gigs have performed in 5 different countries, sharing the stage with, among the others, artists such as Andrea Belfi, MaiMaiMai, Tobjah (C+C=Maxigross), The Chasing Monsters etc.